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GILICO is an A- (Excellent) AM Best rated insurance company based in Baton Rouge, LA.  Our reputation was built on three basic principles: service, experience, and innovation. Since our inception in the 1920s, we have been committed to these principles and to our mission to generate financial security for our policyholders and their families. Our primary focus is on deferred annuity products, including annuity policies featuring long-term care benefits. Knowing that one policy does not fit all, we offer several products spanning these two types of plans. Doing so provides our customers with the flexibility to select the best solution for their financial goals.

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A Kuvare Company

GILICO is a subsidiary of Kuvare US Holdings, Inc. Kuvare is a life and annuity business focused on delivering value-oriented solutions to the middle market. Kuvare is committed to a sustainable growth strategy, backed by a consortium of stable capital firms collectively managing more than $20 billion. Kuvare has pro forma consolidated assets of more than $3.5 billion. 

Our History

GILICO, Baton Rouge Life Insurance Company

In 1926, George A. Foster founded GILICO, growing it into one of the premier life insurance companies in the United States. He did so by methodically building the company’s insurance and annuity expertise, and by creating a place where employees were proud to work. Many employees stayed with GILICO for decades, fostering stable and reliable relationships with their customers. Mr. Foster’s son, George A. Foster, Jr., took over the business, successfully expanding it and continuing his father’s legacy of innovation, commitment, and service.  

During every major U.S. economic crisis, GILICO has not only survived, but thrived. We have never wavered from our responsibility to help people achieve financial success.

In 2016, GILICO became a subsidiary of Kuvare US Holdings. With Kuvare as its parent company, GILICO continues to be a best-in-class provider of deferred annuity and long-term care annuity plans.

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